List of Rule Systems | Create new rule system
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Name Provider Name Table Name Unique Id Column Rule Inputs Output Column View Rules Reload Delete
discount-1 discountDataProvider discount_rule_system_1 id Add new rule_output_id View Rules
Test discountDataProvider Table Id Add new Discount View Rules
Test-1 discountDataProvider TestTable test-id Add new test-output View Rules
prewod_rules_1 discountDataProvider prewod_rules id Add new prewod_template View Rules
Rule-Sample discountDataProvider rule_sample rule_id Add new RuleID View Rules
Test123 discountDataProvider test123 id Add new out View Rules
Yolo discountDataProvider SavePerso 1 Add new fff View Rules
gg discountDataProvider fds gg Add new gg View Rules
123123 discountDataProvider 123123 1 Add new 1 View Rules
gfdsgdgdfsg discountDataProvider gfdsgdfs ggs Add new gfdsgfd View Rules
ABC discountDataProvider abc test Add new discount View Rules
nombre discountDataProvider tablename age Add new status View Rules
jango discountDataProvider hello race Add new win View Rules
tax_rule_system taxDataProvider tax.tax_rule_system id Add new rule_output_id View Rules
test123 taxDataProvider mytable column1 Add new myData View Rules
Bb taxDataProvider Foo Id Add new Name View Rules
Eat shit taxDataProvider Shit Int Add new Poop View Rules
sample taxDataProvider sample_tbl id Add new test View Rules
rttr taxDataProvider g hm Add new bh View Rules
adasd taxDataProvider asdasd asd Add new asdasdsad View Rules
test taxDataProvider test test Add new tst View Rules
testando taxDataProvider testandoTable primeiro Add new segundo View Rules
dummysystem taxDataProvider dummytable id Add new output View Rules
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